Transition from older version of standard to new one/ updating certificates                     


  1. Scope and Purpose: Covers the means and need for updating certificates issued to clients and to train auditors to adapt to new requirements and to inform clients who have been already certified and prospective clients on updating their systems to current version and to be prepared for the audit based on new version standards


This procedure sets forth the requirements ensuring the use of current version of standard and their utilization for the purpose of certification-registration activities. These requirements are BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) designed, developed, and implemented as well as those of external origin  


This policy/procedure is globally accessible through on-line media to customers, as well to GlobalNet Professional assessors and technical experts.


  1. Applicable References: This policy is applicable for BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) clients who has been certified against previous version yet not updated their Management systems from previous version, and those prospective clients who seek certification from BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA).

This policy is applicable for transitions, so for each, there can be an updated annex.


3.0   Responsibility: With the support of team of Head Manager, Technical Manager, the and Quality Manager


  1. General overview: Each of the certified clients will have specific timeline to upgrade their management systems to new versions, and BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) will certify their systems in surveillance or re-certification assessments, this time line will not exceed 3 years after the publication of new standards, which have been replaced by previous versions.

BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) also trains its assessors and auditors to make sure that they are competent enough to conduct assessments against new requirements; in this way the customers should be confident that the assessment is completely based on facts and auditors have perfect understanding of the new upgraded standards. BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) has identified the changes and trained auditors for new standard requirements, and has established new audit material based on new standards.


    1. Current certified clients: currently certified clients are responsible to upgrade and adapt their management systems to the new requirements changes by current published schemes,


Certified clients are categorized in following groups

      1.  Those have been recently been certified (after the new standard have been published and in effect) will have time to adapt their system to new requirements in 3 years after the date of the new final standard has been publicly in effect (as an example for ISO 9001 the publication year is 2015, therefore these group of clients must have exercised new changes in their systems before end of 2018. BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) will audit these clients in any of the future surveillance assessments based on new version of the standards.
    1.  Those clients who had been certified before the publication of new standards must tune their management systems to new version and get prepared to be audited for their re-certification audits, and BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) will audit them in their re-certification at the end of their first certification cycle based on new versions
    2. Future clients, this group can either be audited based on new or previous version of the standard, in condition that, their certification process is within 2 years after the new version has been published, and they will update their system and will be audited in their surveillance for new version within 3 years after new version is in effect. As an example , ISO 14001 has been updated in 2015, a client wants to be audited based on 2004 version as its system is not adapted to new changes yet, BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) will certify this client based on ISO 14001:2004, but in one of the  following 2 surveillance assessments the client must be ready to be audited against new version of the standard.


4. Clients whose system does not meet new requirements, if the clients’ systems are not prepared to be assessed against new version of the standards, they have time to update their system within 3 years after the new versions are published, after this deadline neither BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) does not accept to audit them based on previous version,

For those already certified the certificate will be withdrawn according to 0729_suspend-withdraw procedure, and new clients will not be accepted to be audited based on old version, after 3 year from publication of new standard, audits are conducted only based on new version.


           Within 3 years after publication of new standards, BIKARAN RAHKAR SADAT (BRS MENA) will convert all certificates to new version and the clients need to update their systems based on this policy



Annex TC: Identifying major changes in standards

Annex TCB: Identifying major changes in standards